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Finish the 3rd Layer

The last step is to solve the remaining 2-color pieces with Move 5.

The Setup

With white on top, hold the Rubik’s Cube with a solved side on the left, if you can, and do Move 5. If you can’t (no sides are solved), do Move 5 with any face forward and check again.

Optional shortcut: If the front piece needs to go to the right instead of the back, reverse the U turns.

Got it? Well done! Congratulations on solving the Rubik’s Cube!

Solve the 3rd Layer Corners

You finish solving the corners with Move 4. This move flips 3 corners but doesn’t change the left-front corner, so I call it the “no change” (NC) corner. The move usually needs to be done 2 or 3 times.

Move 4 flips 3 corners.

The Setup

If no corners are solved.

If no corners are solved, start Move 4 with the top color (white) on the leftside of the “no change” corner. (Think “none left”).

If 1 corner is solved.

If 1 corner is solved, start Move 4 with the solved corner in the no change position.

If 1 corner is solved.

If 2 corners are solved, start Move 4 with the top color on the front face of the no change corner. (Think “too forward.”) This leaves you with 1 solved corner, so you’ll need to do the move 1 or 2 more times.

Move 4

Move 4

Are you really back? You are! You too arback, you too!
You’ve got this figured out don’t you? Amazing! Well friend, just one more step and will have solved the Rubik’s Cube. Let’s do it by going to the last step.

Position the 3rd Layer Corners

The goal of this step is to partially solve the corners. You want them in the right place, but not necessarily flipped the right way. You move the corner pieces around with Move 3, which swaps the top-right corners.

The Setup

There are always 2 corners that can be placed correctly but they can be hard to find. Check the corners: if you don’t find 2 in the right place, turn the top layer a quarter turn and check again. Keep looking until you find them!

1. If 2 neighboring corners are correctly placed, hold the cube with these corners on the left to do the move.

2. If opposite corners are correctly placed, you will have to do Move 3 twice, the first time with any face forward. Then put the good corners on the left and repeat the move.

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Great job. We’re so close now. Get ready to solve this cube by going on to Step 5.

Make a Cross on the Third Layer

If you’re just arriving on our website, the fastest way to solve the third layer of the Rubik’s Cube is to start here, which will make the steps below fly by quickly.
Flip your Rubik’s Cube over so yellow is down and white is up. In this step you will make a cross on the top using Move 2. You may have to repeat it a few times but you don’t have to match up the sides yet.

The Setup

Start pattern

Move 2 works when the left and back pieces match the center. Can you rotate the cube to get that pattern? If so, hold the cube that way and do the move.

If not, do Move 2 with any face in front, then look for the left-back-middle pattern. It may take a couple repetitions, but you will get it. Then hold the cube as above and do Move 2 again.

The move sentence is different for this one. “FUR” stands for the first 3 turns, which are clockwise. Then you turn “BACK” for the U R and F turns.

Move 2

There is FUR on the BACK of UR Feet.

Got it? Great job! We’re almost there. Now onto step 4.

Solve the Second Layer

If your cube looks like this One layer solved, you are ready to solve the second, or middle, layer. You solve it by repeating the sequence at the bottom of the page (Move 1) as often as it takes. The side that faces you (the setup) as you do the sequence depends on which piece you want to move.

The Setup

Find the red & blue piece. With yellow on top, if the red & blue piece is on the bottom, turn the bottom to make either a red or blue “T”. There are 3 possibilities:

1. If the piece is on the bottom and belongs on the left side of the T (where the arrow is pointing), hold the cube with the T in front and do Move 1. T in front
2. If the piece is on the bottom and belongs on the right side of the T, you have to flip the piece. Hold the cube with the T on the left side as shown and do Move 1. Then make the T and repeat Move 1 with the T in front. Start move 1 with T on left.
3. If the piece is in the middle layer, hold the cube so the piece is in the front-left position and do Move 1, then solve as above. Orient cube with unsolved piece as shown

Move 1

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Once you’ve got this nailed, you’re more than halfway done and can move onto Step 3.

Solve Top Layer Corners

After you have a yellow cross on top, you can solve the yellow corners.

  1. Find the Yellow-Red-Blue corner piece. If it is in the top layer, hold your cube so this piece is at the top-right. Move it down to the bottom like this:
    Moving a corner piece to the bottom.
  2. Turn the bottom so the Yellow-Red-Blue piece is at the corner of the red and blue sides. The corner piece will be oriented in 1 of 3 ways:
    Moving a corner piece to the bottom.
  3. Find the yellow side of the Yellow-Red-Blue corner piece.
  1. If the yellow side is on the right, do these turns:
    Moving a corner piece
  2. If the yellow side is in front, do these turns:
    Moving a corner piece
  3. If the yellow side is on the bottom, do these turns. That puts the yellow side on the right, so do the turns under “a”, above to solve the corner.
    Moving a corner piece

Solve the other 3 corners the same way, then go to Step 2.

Make a Cross on the Top Layer

If you have already solved the first layer, you can skip to Step 2.

Otherwise, hold your Rubik’s Cube with the yellow center piece facing up. Find the yellow & green piece and move it to the green side, the side that is green in the center.

Move yellow & green edge piece to green side.

Twist the green side 1 or 2 quarter-turns to move the yellow & green piece to the top. Your Rubik’s Cube should look like this:

Bring the edge piece to the top.

If the two colors don’t match up, flip the yellow & green piece like this:

Flipping a top layer piece

Solve the other 3 sides the same way so you have a yellow cross on top. You won’t mess it up if you use the bottom layer to move pieces around.

When you have a cross on top, you’re ready to solve the corners.