Solve the Second Layer

If your cube looks like this One layer solved, you are ready to solve the second, or middle, layer. You solve it by repeating the sequence at the bottom of the page (Move 1) as often as it takes. The side that faces you (the setup) as you do the sequence depends on which piece you want to move.

The Setup

Find the red & blue piece. With yellow on top, if the red & blue piece is on the bottom, turn the bottom to make either a red or blue “T”. There are 3 possibilities:

1. If the piece is on the bottom and belongs on the left side of the T (where the arrow is pointing), hold the cube with the T in front and do Move 1. T in front
2. If the piece is on the bottom and belongs on the right side of the T, you have to flip the piece. Hold the cube with the T on the left side as shown and do Move 1. Then make the T and repeat Move 1 with the T in front. Start move 1 with T on left.
3. If the piece is in the middle layer, hold the cube so the piece is in the front-left position and do Move 1, then solve as above. Orient cube with unsolved piece as shown

Move 1

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Once you’ve got this nailed, you’re more than halfway done and can move onto Step 3.