Make a Cross on the Third Layer

If you’re just arriving on our website, the fastest way to solve the third layer of the Rubik’s Cube is to start here, which will make the steps below fly by quickly.
Flip your Rubik’s Cube over so yellow is down and white is up. In this step you will make a cross on the top using Move 2. You may have to repeat it a few times but you don’t have to match up the sides yet.

The Setup

Start pattern

Move 2 works when the left and back pieces match the center. Can you rotate the cube to get that pattern? If so, hold the cube that way and do the move.

If not, do Move 2 with any face in front, then look for the left-back-middle pattern. It may take a couple repetitions, but you will get it. Then hold the cube as above and do Move 2 again.

The move sentence is different for this one. “FUR” stands for the first 3 turns, which are clockwise. Then you turn “BACK” for the U R and F turns.

Move 2

There is FUR on the BACK of UR Feet.

Got it? Great job! We’re almost there. Now onto step 4.