Make a Cross on the Top Layer

If you have already solved the first layer, you can skip to Step 2.

Otherwise, hold your Rubik’s Cube with the yellow center piece facing up. Find the yellow & green piece and move it to the green side, the side that is green in the center.

Move yellow & green edge piece to green side.

Twist the green side 1 or 2 quarter-turns to move the yellow & green piece to the top. Your Rubik’s Cube should look like this:

Bring the edge piece to the top.

If the two colors don’t match up, flip the yellow & green piece like this:

Flipping a top layer piece

Solve the other 3 sides the same way so you have a yellow cross on top. You won’t mess it up if you use the bottom layer to move pieces around.

When you have a cross on top, you’re ready to solve the corners.